Are you a Football fan? If so, then the World Cup is a must-watch event. It’s not just some soccer tournament that takes place in your neighbor’s garage as it did years ago; the 2022 World Cup will be hosted by Qatar, one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

If you’re a soccer fan, you’ve probably already read or heard some bad headlines regarding the World Cup in Qatar. When Qatar was selected as the host in 2010, there were allegations of bribery and corruption in the selection procedure. Since then, concern over Qatar’s stifling heat has been raised in publications.

According to a report, more than 1 million viewers watched the FIFA World Cup Final in the year 2014 and 2018 worldwide. This world cup will be played from 20 November to 18 December 2022. In Qatar, it will be played in 8 stadiums. There are many exciting things in the news about the type of stadiums, fans across the world, and the weather conditions of Qatar. Aside from the peculiar decision to hold the events in air-conditioned stadiums to combat the oppressive heat in the desert nation.

Here are the 7 Reasons to Watch the World Cup 2022:

  1. Encourages Cultural Change and Development in a High-Risk Area of the World

This reason may sound biased, but it is a fact that this will be a bit problematic for Latin American, European and North American attendees of the 2022 World Cup. Any Westerner would feel uneasy given their lack of experience with the area, the cultural and political ramifications of Islamic law (which makes it impossible to buy alcohol, forbids homosexuality, and has severe repercussions for immodest attire), and the constant threat of terrorism.

What if the World Cup was held in any of the other top soccer countries like Germany, Italy, or Brazil? Soccer fans would watch the matches without caring about what’s happening in the rest of that country.

The Qatar World Cup is raising interest among people interested in politics and social development in a high-risk area. They want to see how all these changes might affect them for decades. Because this is an area where many international organizations feel uncomfortable sending their employees, let alone encouraging them to visit.

  1. Gives non-European countries incentives and opportunities

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will give non-European countries, who are already underrepresented in significant competitions (13 representatives for Europe to six, the next highest, for Africa), additional motivation to prepare further and make the most of the sport’s biggest tournament on largely foreign soil for most entrants.

In the coming years, African and Asian Football will be much improved. It will also be interesting to see how the game’s development over there will progress. The African Nations Cup and the Asian Cup are already big competitions, growing in size and popularity, but it’s challenging to make a case that they compare with the World Cup.

  1. Online streaming

With huge streaming options and the ability to watch games anywhere in the world, the 2018 World Cup has made it easy for non-football fans to become World Cup fans. Nowadays, people are becoming very active on the Internet; they can see what’s happening in real-time.

On the national and international levels, there are various leagues. This activity is constant. Due to the unpredictable nature of this game, online bitcoin football betting has been a factor for the last decades. Due to online streaming, these games can be watched online, and people can place bets with Bitcoins to increase the excitement.

  1. Proximity of the stadiums

With US$220 billion, this world cup has become the most expensive ever. One reason for this is the proximity of the stadiums. The 2022 World Cup will theoretically take place in five different Qatari towns, although, in practice, the host cities are merely Doha’s suburbs. There are metro lines that connect each of the eight stadiums.

All 8 stadiums are within 30 minutes of each other by car. This makes it easy for fans from all over the world. You can go to work and bed knowing they are not far away.

  1. The Infrastructure: It’s all new

It has been estimated that the stadium costs of this FIFA World Cup will be between $6.5 billion and $10 billion. With wonderful architectural designs, Qatar is ready with the largest stadium. Qatar will be the only country to have all stadiums built from scratch.

This World Cup is like none other; there are no permanent structures to build for future events, but there is also no consideration for the longer-term sustainability or habitation of Qatar. There has yet to be a long-term plan for the stadiums after 2022.

  1. It’s something different

No Arab country has ever hosted an event as big as this. Assuming no new Middle Eastern country is added to the FIFA world cup, this will be the first time any Arab country has hosted a world cup in the history of the FIFA world cup.

It’s interesting to see how well Qatar will be able to host the World Cup and if it’s different from what you expect compared to other countries hosting the World Cup. A brand-new stadium will host the World Cup final in Lusail. This will be the first stadium in the Middle East to have a roof.

  1. Westerners and Muslims can watch together

It’s good to see how people from different societies can live peacefully, actively forge new relationships with other cultures, and build on that foundation of tolerance. Even if a few people want to tear it down, a bigger group of fans will always support this fantastic event. Across the Arab world, there is an ongoing competition to host these events.


  1. Who is predicted to win the World Cup 2022?
  2. Brazil is the most popular team as it is one of the most successful teams in the competition. There has been speculation that this will be the last World Cup for Neymar and Messi.
  3. Can you wear shorts in Qatar?
  4. In Qatar, men can wear shorts. But they cannot reveal their thighs or legs. Women should not wear skirts, shorts or crop tops, which is not allowed in Qatar. Men and women can go to the front of stadiums during the games.
  5. Is it the most expensive World Cup ever held?
  6. Yes, it is the most expensive world cup ever. The US$220 billion will be spent on the stadiums, training centers and accommodation.
  7. Who is the best team in the World Cup?
  8. Brazil is the most popular team in the world, and they have won the most world cups. Germany, Argentina, Spain and France are also top-rated teams in this tournament.
  9. Why is Qatar chosen as a site for the World Cup?
  10. FIFA has selected Qatar to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup because of its warm weather, expansive football stadiums and excellent infrastructure.