Highly criticized for his defense of the right to abortion, deemed timorous, the American president, Joe Biden, will take, on Friday July 8, a series of regulatory measures in order, among other things, to fight against the “digital surveillance” of which could be victims the women.

According to a statement from the White House, Mr. Biden will sign an executive order today including a series of initiatives, however limited in scope and often not very binding, to respond to the recent decision of the American Supreme Court.

This put an end, on June 24, to the constitutional right to abortion and seven conservative states have already prohibited access to voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG). Many more should follow.

On the day of the decision, Mr. Biden blasted a “tragic mistake” and announced two sets of regulatory measures, on access to abortion pills and on the right of women to travel to other states if they wish to use an abortion.

“Combating Digital Surveillance”

Since then, the president has remained more or less silent on the subject, attracting ever more virulent criticism from his own camp, the Democratic Party, which would like more spectacular actions or, failing that, more aggressive communication.

He will try to answer them on Friday during a midday speech to explain his new initiatives, starting with the promise to “protect sensitive health information” and “combat digital surveillance”, according to the press release. of the US executive.

Online data dangers

Many activists warn of the dangers linked to online data, such as geolocation or information collected by applications for monitoring menstrual cycles, which could be exploited to prosecute women who have had abortions.

The text that Mr. Biden will sign also promises, but without giving practical details, to protect mobile clinics practicing abortion at the external borders of states that have banned it. The White House also wants to guarantee access to contraception, in particular the morning after pill and IUDs.

The US executive also intends to organize a network of volunteer lawyers to guarantee that American women can travel within the United States if they decide to have an abortion, and this, without being disturbed by the justice system if they reside in a state prohibiting abortion.