A North American distributor now has a new book that explores all the Swedish coins.

Roberto Delzanno has published Myntarsboken (or Coin Yearbook 935-221) and major works on the gold coins of Sweden and its possessions, including Swedish Gold Coins 1512-2022 and Swedish Coin Book 995-2022.

The new pocket edition of these books is compressed and uses the same numbering system for easy identification. Each year, the book contains the most recent price updates, new variants and errors as well as the latest findings regarding attributions/re-attributions of coin masters or coin sites.

This book in Swedish language details all Swedish silver, gold and copper coins, from 995 to 2021. It also includes the Viking Age to modern times. The book provides detailed descriptions, explanations, and pictures. It also includes rarity descriptions based on 50 year’s statistics.

The author’s books are used as the basis for the numbering system. There is also a concordance with older standard reference books. It also contains some royal medals and all Swedish banknotes from 1666 to 2021.

This book focuses on pricing and not historical descriptions. It will therefore be easily understood by most people who have some knowledge of world numismatics. It uses the Scandinavian grading system.

According to the author, he hopes that “this book will make a significant contribution in the field of numismatics.” My goal is to make my books accessible and affordable in order to increase interest in numismatics.

The book’s 512 pages are 8.25 inches high and 5.75 inches wide. The book is available at Coin & Currency Institute for $9.95 and $5.75 handling & postage.