Beginning July 27, the United States Mint sold bags and rolls of circulation quality twenty21 American Innovation dollars to Virginia.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, 12 miles long, is a Virginia dollar reverse. It consists of two-mile-long tunnels and two bridges. There are also two causeways, two causeways, and four man-made islands.

Common obverse depicts a representation of the Statue Of Liberty with a machine-gear in the field below the motto IN God We Trust.

On the edge, the date, Mint mark and 13 stars are incuse.

For $34.50 per roll, the U.S. Mint offers 25-coin machine wrapped paper rolls of coins from the Philadelphia Mint or Denver Mint. For $117.50 each, the coins can also be purchased in 100-coin canvas bags.

Circulation-quality dollars can be produced for numismatic sale and are offered at premiums over face value.

All of the dollars are not intended for general circulation.