A brand new online resource produced by the American Numismatic Association is dedicated to the ancient silver commemoratives (1892 to 1954) of the U.S. Mint.

According to the ANA, comprehensive graphics and information are all included, as are information regarding the wider historical context for all the 50 coins contained in the sequence.

“Commemorative coins exist to convince people who have a certain event, person or place in history,” explained Rod Gillis, ANA education manager. U.S. commemorative coins are a window to our civilization. A few of the coins remind us of matters that we ought to be quite proud of while some relate events which have fallen into disfavor. They’re a perfect reflection of the society”

The traditional commemorative online tool could be considered at money.org/commemorative-coins. The segments of this webpage are organized chronologically, beginning with the World’s Columbian Exposition half of 1892 and 1893 and finishing using the Carver/Washington half buck of 1951 to 1954.