Apple Design Awards 2024: German Developer Takes Third Win

This news article highlights the winners of this year’s Apple Design Awards, which were announced ahead of the WWDC developer conference. Among the 14 apps and games that received the prestigious award, German developer Algoriddim stood out with its app djay, marking their third win from Apple.

Algoriddim’s CEO, Karim Morsy, shared that the app was born out of a passion for DJing and a background in computer science and music. The close relationship between Algoriddim and Apple was further emphasized when Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the company in Germany in 2019.

In addition to djay, two other German nominees made it to the finals of the Design Awards. The awards were presented in seven categories, including fun and enjoyment, inclusion, innovation, interaction, social impact, visual and graphic design, and spatial computing.

Other notable winners include Bears Gratitude from Australia, oko from Belgium, Procreate Dreams from Australia, and The Wreck from France. Each app and game was recognized for its unique design, user experience, and impact on various aspects of daily life.

Overall, the Apple Design Awards serve as a platform to celebrate creativity, innovation, and excellence in app and game development, showcasing the best in the industry.

Karim Morsy is the founder and CEO of Algoriddim, a Munich-based company known for its innovative DJ software. Morsy’s background in computer science and music led to the creation of the award-winning app djay, which has garnered recognition from Apple multiple times. With a passion for DJing and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, Morsy continues to lead Algoriddim to new heights in the world of app development.