Users may send Bitcoin to from their Twitter accounts after the launching of Bottlepay’s disruptor obligations program.

Twitter users are now able to send Bitcoin (BTC) using one tweet, after electronic payments program Bottlepay launched its incorporated Bitcoin social networking attribute.

Transactions between Twitter users are now able to seemingly happen utilizing the easy tweet template”@bottlepay send 1,000 sats into @twitteruser.” The command may be executed from right inside the Twitter program, and also the Bitcoin is moved from 1 user to the next automatically.

Bottlepay explains itself as a worldwide payments disruptor, also increased $15 million into a seed financing round near the end of February. The beta version of the program allegedly attracted 20,000 users with no processed and marketing $2.4 million worth of trades in only more than a month since launch on Feb. 10.

Given the degree to which Bitcoin trade fees exploded out of 2020 to 2021, the coin’s suitability to be used at a daily, societal payments program could be brought to question.

“Bottlepay’s societal Bitcoin obligations are a much-needed upgrade on the clunky, obsolete payment methods open up until today, and a jump towards smoother, simpler trades,” explained Bottlepay CEO Mark Webster.