Бумажный кошелёк с QR-кодами и монеты в La Maison du Bitcoin в Париже 11 июля 2014 года. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Bitcoin (BTC) contested levels within 10 percent of all time highs on March 10 as power from the U.S. dollar failed to dent that the bullish trend.

$56,000 immunity is following BTC price barrier

After hitting two-week highs of 54,500 the former afternoon, Bitcoin increased on its operation to reach $55,700 before falling a strong group of resistance and going lower.

The most recent resurgence underscores new-found power from the most significant cryptocurrency this past month, something which continues to bring it to within striking distance of historic all-time highs in $58,300.

“Beautiful rejection on the 56,000 place for #Bitcoin here.

“When the 52,000 area retains, we could observe additional sideways action and revived evaluations of 56,000. But once more, $52,000 is essential to hold to prevent additional downwards moves”
This time, it had been American Residential Warranty, which awakened with trade Gemini to make investments.

“And yet another firm has made a decision to place bitcoin on its own balance sheet,” Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss reacted .

Orderbook info from Binance, the greatest exchange by quantity, reveals sellers lined up at $56,000 and upwards, with powerful support accessible under $49,000.

DXY expansion Requires Bitcoin brand new downside

Elsewhere, March has continued to create an intriguing countertrend for Bitcoin dealers, together with the U.S. dollar switching to some correlated asset from a correlated one.

As Cointelegraph regularly reports, the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) will ignite down pressure on Bitcoin as it reinforces quickly, with the opposite also correct. While this is really a vital characteristic of the industry landscape during 2020, this season has witnessed the phenomenon’s potency start to erode.

Over the previous two weeks, the DXY and BTC/USD have obtained in tandem.