Crypto adoption is flourishing in 2021, but how long does the celebrity-fuelled hype train continue?

Cryptocurrency adoption on a United Kingdom-based payment program is flourishing at the first quarter of 2021, but if that trend proceeds could count on the action of Bitcoin (BTC) evangelists such as Elon Musk, warns STICPAY manager James Bay.

The cellular payments program reported a 48% growth in crypto deposits from the first quarter of this calendar year, whilst fiat deposits remained dormant.

The company also reported that a 185 percent gain in the amount of consumers converting fiat into crypto through the pocket built-in money converter, in comparison with the identical period this past year. This was accompanied with a 12% reduction in the amount of consumers swapping crypto back into fiat.

Customer service manager James Bay stated more cryptocurrencies were gaining contributions as possible stores of worth but stated Bitcoin was at the forefront.

But we must say it is Bitcoin that is leading the shift in payment customs and outlook that is hard fiat monies,” said Bay.

“The switch to cryptocurrencies is proceeding at breakneck pace, but if this trend continues remains to be seen,” cautioned Bay, whose remarks come as the cryptocurrency marketplace experiences a barbarous dip after weeks of accelerated expansion.

Bay believes the continuation of this trend could count on the activities of public figures like Elon Musk, whose powerful tweets are demonstrated to increase (or sink) the costs of whichever coin he cites.

“Even now, high profile Bitcoin evangelist Elon Musk declared Tesla will no longer be accepting that the money citing environmental issues, all which comes following March’s announcement that the company could require payment in Bitcoin,” said Bay, referencing Elon Musk’s abrupt turnaround on Tesla’s choice to let Bitcoin as a payment way of its electrical vehicles.

The whole sum of Bitcoin on MicroSTrategy’s balance sheet stands in 91,850 BTC, with many amounts having been bought at various prices starting annually.

Meanwhile, more than $1 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin stays on Tesla’s balance sheet — a reality that has attracted criticism from business observers who view Musk’s openness to gain from a coin that he deems environmentally toxic as a indication of hypocrisy.


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