Cartin reinvents the E-commerce buying experience with a blockchain payment gateway, a decentralized product and merchant credibility + review system, and worldwide logistics with door-to-door delivery. Acting as a central purchasing and delivery node to traditional online marketplaces and e-stores, Cartin Token will achieve instant scalability with thousands of brands and millions of real world products available for purchase at no markup and transparent exchange rates to the crypto community.

Cartin is the first blockchain enabled marketplace whose engineering and business processes was developed from the ground-up with blockchain technology in mind. Our goal is to allow other traditional merchants to seamlessly adopt Cartin’s suite of E-commerce blockchain tools to expand their businesses.

How will they connect Metaverse with real world ?

They are planning to connect all big retailers and eventually smaller webshops in global buying site, so every user can purchase real world things through Cartin Pay and with best price. If you buy it in real world through their site or smartphone application, you will be able to move that assets like NFT in Metaverse, so your avatar will also had it in Metaverse.
In their plans is also to connect all Metaverses that are currently on the crypto market in one big Uni-Metaverse where players can transfer NFT’s from one platform to another.
And for other people that love shopping experience they will be able to log in to Carden Space Portal with their virtual self or so called avatar and go through virtual shopping mall.

Some of their early investors in project are well know brands, like Nike, Addidas, Dolce & Gabbana and many others. As we speaked with CEO of Cartin Token, he has confirmed that a lot of brands are competing for biggest and best positions in their Metaverse shopping mall.
Investments has gone through the roof very quickly.


Last week, Cartin Token announced its first funding round with $25 million raised in total. Over 100 investors took part in the round with the lead of JPMorgan, Barry Silbert CEO of Digital Currency Group, Dan Morehead CEO and founder of Pantera Capital ,Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss and earlier mentioned fashion and sports brands. Full list cant be disclosed because some of investors has signed NDA.

More information
ICO presale for private persons is in December this year.
For more information please check Cartin discussion on reddit.


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