Linzmayer has been working on the book project for more than ten years and has published 7,400 pages of reference material, in near 300 chapters, that covers over 71,000 distinct bank note types and varieties.

CDN publisher John Feigenbaum said,”This acquisition marks an important event in the timeline of CDN. We’ve had our eyes on Owen’s attempts for years and are pleased to have attained an arrangement where CDN will assume the distribution of his extraordinary work while leveraging the technology which we’ve invested in for our additional names. As an experienced publisher of catalogs and reference substances, we realize BNB stands out among the wonderful hidden gems from the world for the enormous extent. We couldn’t be more enthused about working with Owen at the future to finish the handful of remaining chapters, and adding our market expertise to the pricing”

CDN managing editor Patrick Ian Perez was instrumental in working out the details of the trade and will play an essential role in the BNB’s future. Perez is a published expert in world paper currency, together with his book, Modern Chinese Paper Money: 1949 to Present, currently in its second edition. According to Perez,”As someone who has gathered world paper money for 25 decades, I couldn’t be more excited to help guide this transition. Knowledge is power, and also a comprehensive resource such as BNB will ignite the rapid growth of the world paper currency market.”

Linzmayer stated,”The Banknote Book is a pure extension to CDN’s library of numismatic references to insure international currency. The Banknote Book customers will benefit from CDN’s extensive market knowledge, pricing acumen, and technological prowess. As time passes, the pricing in the whole catalog is going to be revised, together with even more precise valuations of note varieties in additional grades, including specimens, trials, and replacements. Additionally, all of the info in The Banknote Book is going to be moved into an internet database, opening up exciting possibilities for the future. I will continue to manage the editorial articles of The Banknote Book, focusing my efforts on finishing the few remaining country chapters not yet published. New issues will nevertheless be added to existing chapters and posted on”

The Banknote Book is presently available for subscription on the site at a lower rate, to introduce the numismatic community to this source.