So far in 2020, circulating coinage manufacturing from the United States Mint is cumulatively 16 percent greater than production in calendar year 2019, using output of 13,870,880,000 coins.

Generation totals reflect production in the Denver and Philadelphia Mints of Lincoln cents, Jefferson 5-cent coins, Roosevelt dimes and also the five 2020 America the Beautiful quarter bucks. Output totals also include circulation-quality Kennedy half dollars and Native American dollars, but the two denominations are struck only for sale as numismatic goods at rates over face value and not officially introduced into general circulation.

United States Mint officials increased production to meet demand for coins caused by a circulation deficit driven by fluctuations in distributions patterns during the pandemic.

2020 circulating coinage production tallied 7,159,660,000 coins in the Denver Mint and 6,711,220,000 at the Philadelphia Mint. This compares with 5,889,580,000 coins struck at the Denver Mint in 2019 and 6,052,654,400 at the Philadelphia facility.

Circulating coin production in 2020 was increased after nationally shortages were being reported because many companies were closed or operating short hours, in harmony with COVID-19 restrictions. Circulation patterns were disrupted because companies were not returning as many coins to commerce channels as previously.

The U.S. Mint released the next circulating coinage production totals for the Denver and Philadelphia centers for 2020:
➤ Lincoln cent generation: 3,790,800,000 Denver; 3,370,000,000 Philadelphia. 2019 output was 3,497,600,000 Denver and 3,542,800,000 Philadelphia.
➤ Jefferson 5-cent coin: 770.4 million Denver; 726 million Philadelphia. 2019 output signal was 527.04 million Denver and 567,854,400 Philadelphia. 2019 output totaled 1,001,500,000 Denver and 1,147,500,000 Philadelphia.
➤ America the Beautiful million dollars: 1,299,800,000 Denver; 1,364,000,000 Philadelphia. 2020 totals include American Samoa National Historical Park, 212 million Denver and 286 million Philadelphia; Weir Farm National Historic Park, 155 million Denver, 125.6 million Philadelphia; Salt River Bay Historical Park and Ecological Preserve, 515 million Denver and 580.2 million Philadelphia; Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, 345.8 million Denver, 304.6 million Philadelphia. As of Dec. 16, 2020, the U.S. Mint had not posted final production statistics for the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve quarter dollars. The manufacturing totals also do not reflect the 10 million 2020-W America the gorgeous quarter dollars, two million of every layout, struck in the West Point Mint and placed into general circulation.
➤ Kennedy half dollars: 3.4 million Denver; 2.3 million Philadelphia. 2019 totals reached 1.7 million Denver and 1.7 million Philadelphia coins.

➤ Native American dollars: 1,26 million Denver; 1.4 million Philadelphia. 2019 totals were 1.54 million Denver and 1.4 million Philadelphia.