Counterfeiters in Bulgaria needed a book explanation for their offense. They were creating them as decorations for weddings and parties.

The combined operation seized what’s referred to as high quality fake cash, together with face values totaling $4 million and $3.6 million, also located at a printing office in a college in Sofia.

The thinking is that the two suspects are a part of a bigger criminal group that’s involved with sending bogus bucks to Ukraine and euros into Western Europe.

An investigation started several months back. The office employs approximately eight individuals, and the cash was created after working hours, such as on Saturdays and Sundays. Both suspects obtained 10 percent of the cash published, out of whom it wasn’t disclosed. By all reports, college officials were likely unaware of exactly what was happening. The centre also prints health publications, various bundles, advertising materials and other files.

Acting on a suggestion from the other worker of the printing division, three websites from Sofia were raided in 1 day. Besides the bogus money, a printing press and other equipment has been captured, together with photograph boards with pictures of excise tags, euros, and automobile registration certificates, which were to be published on the media. According to the prosecutor, this suggests a degree of experience with such a system. The pair inexplicably also revealed a leasing contract with the faculty, which they say allows them to conduct their enterprise.

The duo claimed they weren’t able to make appropriate counterfeit notes and watermarks, because they use an older printer in 1987. Pictures from the tape show that the printer for a Heidelberg Speedmaster 72 ZP sheet-fed media — not precisely the type of gear used by amateurs. They had been arrested for 72 hoursbut since neither had a previous criminal record, both have been published, while the analysis to more serious criminal action persists.

Apart from bank notes, bogus official records were captured, one of them a Bulgarian passport together with the title and picture of Sylvester Stallone. They have been using it as a promotional tool.