The United States Mint is advised to offer you the Proof 2021-W American Buffalo gold 50 coin in noon Eastern Time May 13.

Retail pricing for your American Buffalo coin is going to be published on the Mint’s site the week of the launch date. Pricing is tied into the metal value, and decided based on the Mint’s pricing grid for U.S. coins containing valuable metals.

The costs for these numismatic merchandise can change per week, based upon volatility in the precious metals market.

The Proof 2021-W American Buffalo gold 50 coin is going to be struck in the West Point Mint, to order, with no mintage or family order limitation.

The Proof 2020-W American Buffalo gold 50 coin is listed as”sold out” and can be inaccessible without a more coins in stock. The March 21, 2021, revenue report suggests the U.S. Mint offered a total of 11,887 of these single coins. Closing mintage figures will not be revealed until the app is fully audited and sales reconciled.


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