The Proof 2021-W American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 silver coin belongs on sale at $73 per at noon Eastern Time July 1, using a item limitation of 300,000 coins and family order limitation of 25 coins.

On July 8 at noon Eastern Time, the Mint unlocks earnings of their four weights and denominations of golden Proof American Eagles, and a four-coin gold Evidence collection. Pricing for the golden Evidence coinage will be announced closer to the launch date. Pricing is subject to change per week while coin supplies continue, according to the spot price of the gold that they feature.

The five American Eagle gold coin goods are:
➤ Single Evidence 1-ounce $50 coin, mintage limit of 15,875 coins; merchandise limitation of 5,625 coins; home order limitation of a single coin.
➤ Single Proof half-ounce $25 coin, mintage limit of 12,250 coins; merchandise limitation 2,000 coins; home order limitation of a single coin.
➤ Single Proof quarter-ounce $10 coin, mintage limit of 13,625 coins; merchandise limitation of 3,375 coins; dictate restrict one coin per household.
➤ Single Evidence tenth-ounce $5 coin, mintage limit of 20,250 coins; merchandise limitation of 10,000 coins; home order limitation of a single coin.

➤ Four-coin Proof set, merchandise limitation of 10,250 sets; family limit of a single place.

Dependent on the graphics posted on the Mint’s numismatic product catalogue online, a border notch in the 6 o’clock position used as an anti-counterfeiting apparatus appears just on the Proof 1-ounce gold coin, but maybe not on the pieces bits.

The obverse designs for the Reverse of Proof 2021 American Eagle silver and gold coins have had information elegant in the first obverses of the Reverse of 1986 Proof issues.

It replenishes the Heraldic Eagle layout by Mint Sculptor-Engraver John Mercanti, released in 1986.

The plan replaces artist Miley Busiek’s legislated Family of Eagles layout which has been used from 1986 during the first half of 2021.