The”initial” Proof 2021-P Christa McAuliffe silver dollar was introduced March 17 to lady Jill Biden because of her lifelong commitment to teaching. Mint officials didn’t specify”first”

The presentation was created by FIRST throughout Biden’s trip to the Concord, New Hampshire, college called for McAuliffe. FIRST is the robotics concern given to obtained the internet surcharges in the sale of their McAuliffe bucks.

McAuliffe, the initial teacher-astronaut in distance, expired with all the remaining crew on the space shuttle Challenger once the spacecraft exploded Jan. 28, 1986, shortly after take-off.

Shipping of those coins started March 17.

Earnings through March 14 reflect 25,174 Proof bucks, at $79 per year, and 8,594 Uncirculated bucks at $74 each.