Six days after the chaotic final of the Champions League, Saturday May 28, the Stade de France finds a semblance of normality and its Blues for the reception of Denmark in the League of Nations, Friday at 8:45 p.m. in Saint-Denis (Seine- St Denis).

“I have no particular fear, I think and I strongly hope that it will go well”, but the incidents of last Saturday gave “a disastrous image of France”, commented Thursday Guy Stéphan, the deputy of Didier Deschamps, who will take place on the bench Friday in the absence of the coach, bereaved.

The context seems very different a week later for the authorities and the French Football Federation (FFF), accustomed to quieter evenings with the Blues, even with a match which will be sold out, as planned for Friday.

A new strike at the RATP, less followed

Unlike the police who have set up an exceptional system for the match, the SNCF and the RATP have not changed their habits for a match night in the management of the RER B and D which serve the Stade de France .

“We did not experience any particular problem last Saturday in the RERs, notes an SNCF spokesperson. Despite the strike which caused a break in the interconnection at Gare du Nord and forced RER B passengers to change trains, there were enough frequencies, and we transported the spectators under normal conditions to the go and return. »

A new strike by RATP RER B drivers is again scheduled for Friday, but it is less followed than six days ago and does not lead to this famous rupture of the interconnection at Gare du Nord, when the RER B passes from the RATP zone, in the South, to the SNCF zone in the North. The transport plan will therefore be normal for an event of this type with the usual frequencies of a Friday evening and trains added to evacuate passengers after the meeting.

The FFF is planning an ordinary system around the stadium with eight security pre-filtering points and the mobilization of 1,270 security officers to welcome the thousands of supporters, among whom 1,400 to 1,500 Danes are expected.

2,000 police and gendarmes deployed

In addition, just over 2,000 police officers and gendarmes, including 650 assigned to the fight against crime, are mobilized on Friday to ensure the security of the match, announced Thursday evening the Paris Police Prefecture (PP). For this meeting, the PP indicated that “nearly 77,000 spectators [were] expected”. “1,800 tickets have been allocated to Danish spectators,” she added.

She said she was putting in place on Friday a device “oriented on public order, the fight against crime and the regulation of the flow of people”. In addition, she added, “in order to contain the impact of the strike announced at the RATP, a specific flow regulation device is put in place at the exit of the RER D”.

Several police sources interviewed by Agence France-Presse quipped about the scale of the device planned for Friday, worrying that the fiasco of last Saturday did not provoke an investigation into the chain of command.


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