He is one of the figures of the presidential majority. At 33, Gabriel Attal is one of the important members of the government, of which he spoke during the passage of Jean Castex at Matignon. First bulwark of the executive in the face of questions from journalists during the report of the Council of Ministers, he held firm during the three weeks between the re-election of Emmanuel Macron and the appointment of Elisabeth Borne at Matignon, wielding the language of wood Perfectly. A perilous balancing act while the days of his government were numbered. The appointment of Gabriel Attal, Friday, May 20 to the post of Minister of Public Accounts, also salutes this ease.

Despite his young age, Gabriel Attal has an already full political career. A former socialist activist convinced by Ségolène Royal in 2007, he began his political career in 2011 – he was 22 – when he campaigned for François Hollande as an assistant to Marisol Touraine. After the victory of the former first secretary of the PS in the presidential election, he joined Ms. Touraine’s cabinet as a parliamentary attaché. His verve and interpersonal skills allow him to climb the ladder at very high speed. In 2014, he was elected socialist municipal councilor in Vanves (Hauts-de-Seine), where he resides. We find him, then, in several ministerial cabinets: of Ségolène Neuville, of Michèle Delaunay and especially of Marisol Touraine. Then he ran for deputation in 2017 in the 10th constituency of his department, Hauts-de-Seine.

Involved in La République en Marche since 2017

Invested by La République en Marche, which he had just joined, he was elected against the candidate of André Santini, the all-powerful mayor (UDI) of Issy-les-Moulineaux since 1980. A remarkable victory which propelled him word of the presidential party the following year. He then becomes the maverick with the high verb of Macronie. He evokes the “griviculture” of students and striking railway workers in 2018 or even a presidential campaign of the “living dead” more recently.

After having been Secretary of State for Youth to the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, where he carried the decried national universal youth service, he replaced Sibeth N’Diaye as government spokesperson in July 2020.

The Covid-19 crisis is already there and takes up most of his time. Between mornings and interviews with the written press or even appearances in live interviews with well-known personalities on social networks, Gabriel Attal is everywhere. In the fall of the same year, he mistakenly announced a 9 p.m. curfew “in Paris and perhaps in Ile-de-France”. Matignon reframes it within the hour. A quack reminiscent of those of his predecessor, Sibeth N’Diaye. But that does not erase the qualities of Gabriel Attal for political communication since the courses he received at Sciences Po Paris. An asset he will need in his new role.