A fairy-tale love of royalty and Hollywood in the 1950s resulted in an interesting numismatic problem coming to auction.

Grace Kelly was an American film actress who, after starring in many significant movies in the first to mid-1950s, married Prince Rainier III at April 1956.

She had been in the peak of her career as it came to a conclusion, as her retirement in acting in age 26 was required for her to start responsibilities as Princess of Monaco.

A Favourite femme fatale for famous auteurs such as Alfred Hitchcock, she starred in such movies as Dial M For Murder, Rear Window and To Catch A Thief.

She’s recorded 13th among the American Film Institute’s 25 Best Female Stars of Classical Hollywood Cinema.

And she walked away from all that, for love, a narrative type of reminiscent (in reverse) of King Edward VIII of England, whose marriage to American Wallis Simpson led him to depart the throne.

Princess Grace served in several charitable functions as princess, until her life was cut short in 1982 in 52 years of age.

Coining a rarity
A Proof .920 nice gold 200-franc slice from 1966, marking the 10th anniversary of her wedding, is supplied at Schulman b.v.’s auction No. 367 on June 17 from the Netherlands.

The bit is a dream issue from Spink, also has been hit in the French Mint with a mintage of 5,000 illustrations (a company silver bit has been likewise issued).

The obverse of this thing includes jugate (side-by-side, combined ) busts of this happy couple.

The opposite shows the crowned arms of Monaco.

The instance from the marketplace is graded Mint State 66 from Numismatic Guaranty Corp., also contains a pre-sale quote $1,000 ($1,218 U.S.), however its ultimate cost is very likely to reflect the true gold burden of 0.9645 ounce, which at press time May 20 is worth roughly $1,803 U.S.

Details: Fantasy problem from Spink celebrates Prince Rainier, Grace of Monaco’s 10th anniversary