After a first address combining fashion, design and craftsmanship in Buenos Aires, then a second in José Ignacio, Uruguay, Panorama moved to Paris in early May, in the heart of the 3rd arrondissement. Founded ten years ago by Maria Lee, passionate about know-how, to support and promote Latin American craftsmen, the brand is enriched by a French component, with the arrival of her sister, the architect Felicitas Lee. , and designer Clara Piaton from Turckheim.

For its first Parisian boutique, the trio selected designers and independent brands from Latin America and France, like a dialogue between the two cultures. “It is neither a concept store nor an ode to ancient craftsmanship, but a mix of the two with particular attention paid to materials and know-how rooted in exceptional territories: from the Andes to the Cotentin, passing by the Esteros del Iberá and the maquis de Provence”, emphasizes Clara Piaton de Turckheim.

A living place

What to find pell-mell pottery from Coutançais, basketry pieces from the Paraná delta, hand-painted clothes, rugs and blankets from the textile designer Justine Gaignault, straw accessories signed Emma Bruschi but also knitwear handmade in Argentina… A way to speak out against the standardization of production methods and “support manufacturers who perpetuate traditions and bring communities to life”, as the designer says.

The shop, designed as a lively place, regularly organizes meetings with craftsmen, lectures by anthropologists and even dance performances. Another way of thinking and experiencing fashion.