The Central Bank of Iran introduced a brand new 50,000-rial bank notice that the equivalent of $1.19 U.S. in the present exchange rate, on March 6.

The new issue is the next iteration of this denomination. It has greater safety attributes, as well as also the four zeroes of this value have been published in a much lighter colour than the numeral 5, either in Australian personalities on both sides and western types on the opposite.

It’s manufactured from 100% cotton, and has been published by the Security Printing and Minting Organization.

The main reason behind this lighter-colored zeroes is thatin reaction to the uncontrolled inflation largely caused by sanctions, Iran’s cabinet passed a motion in July 2019 to decrease the nation’s financial denominations tenfold. It ordered four zeros eliminated from the national currency, the rial, also altered the money’s formal title into the toman. The shaded numbers make it possible for users to spot the new bank notice concerning the older in addition to the newest denominations.

The 10,000- and – 20,000-rial notes are also issued within the upcoming few months with double denominations. All 3 notes are of the identical format and size.


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