They shared the task, a week before the legislative elections: Jordan Bardella in the South, in Cavaillon (Vaucluse), Saturday June 4, Marine Le Pen in the North, in Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais), Sunday , for a “weekend of mobilization”. Despite her good score in the presidential election, the deputy of the National Rally (RN) knows that her main opponent remains abstention, which promises to be important and first affects her electorate. “There is a terrible, cruel paradox, which must be stopped at all costs, she has been repeating for a week. It is those who suffer the most from Emmanuel Macron’s policy – ​​young people, people in difficult circumstances, the working classes, the middle classes – who vote the least. »

Sébastien Chenu, the RN deputy from the North, follower of the Coué method, assured Sunday that he had “the hope of sending an army of deputies to the National Assembly”. Ms. Le Pen is more cautious and, in front of seven hundred people, pleaded with her voters to understand that “the fight is not over” and that there is still time “to overcome the curse of an unfair voting system which maintains put in place a worm-eaten system”. Mr. Macron is obviously the first target, he who would “cure your daily life”, “the collapse of purchasing power” and “thrive on promises he will never keep”: “Emmanuel Macron, it is the banker who makes you live in the hope of credit, “said the MP for Pas-de-Calais.

Ms. Le Pen has two angles of attack, which she uses to the core at the end of the campaign. The affair of the incidents at the Stade de France first, with the “surge of hordes of ultra-violent migrant minors”, but the outcome of which, a week later, disappointed her a little: no head fell and “it is the reign of the not guilty leaders”. Pap Ndiaye then, the minister most hated by the far right, as Christiane Taubira could have been, “a falsely placid minister, but who is there to put everything down, assures the former president of the RN. He is a man who campaigns for the establishment of the dictatorship of minorities over the too silent majority. An indigenist and even racialist minister”.

“Complacency between LRM and LFI”

Faced with the government, which intends in short “to deconstruct everything that makes France, the nation, the national bond”, Ms. Le Pen intends to pose the RN as “the only real opposition to Emmanuel Macron”, since it does not seem to go from itself, and she assures not to be fooled “of the agitations of Mr. Mélenchon”, “supported by the Parisian editorial staff”. She also read his speech behind a desk stamped with the slogan “the only opposition to Macron”. The deputy denounced the “complacency between La République en Marche [LRM] and La France insoumise [LFI]”, and, as proof, declared that the deputy of the ecologist candidate of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union in Hénin-Beaumont was a member of LRM. “Here is the political scam exposed!” “, triumphed Ms. Le Pen. She finally made fun of the leader of LFI, “this old socialist senator, the man who wants to be elected without being a candidate (…). You will tell me that they are used to, in the regimes they support, indeed, one is elected without being a candidate”.

But the message, repeated ad nauseam, of the RN is to go and vote. “I urge the voters of the national camp to vote useful,” concluded Ms. Le Pen sagely. Not to disperse on applications that may be nice, but which are only testimonial applications. These voices are unfortunately lost voices. »