The results published by Le Monde differ slightly from those published by the Ministry of the Interior. According to our calculations, the Nupes comes very slightly ahead with 26.10% against 25.81% for Together, while the site of the Ministry of the Interior gives Together! slightly ahead with 25.75% against 25.66% at Nupes. However, our calculations are based on the same figures as those of the Ministry of the Interior. So why this difference?

This is due to the labeling of the candidates that we have retained, which may differ slightly from that of the ministry. The official list, released on May 23, did not allow a voter to know precisely under which “colors” some of the candidates in his constituency were running.

Does the socialist candidate belong to the Nupes coalition or is he a dissident? What about the Europe Ecologie-Les Verts candidates, considered by the ministry in a single “ecologist” shade, grouping them with the representatives of CAP 21, the New Democrats or the Animalist Party, who have very distinct identities and political programs?

The Ministry of the Interior sanctioned by the Council of State

Le Monde, considering that the choices made by Place Beauvau were problematic, then proceeded to its own classification. Finally, the Council of State, seized by La France insoumise, Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, Génération s, Génération Ecologie, Les Nouveaux Démocrates, the French Communist Party, the Socialist Party and Nupes, ordered the Ministry of interior to “recognize the Nupes as a unique political nuance in the presentation of the results that will be made” during the two rounds of the legislative elections. A court decision fell on June 7. The ministry then had to urgently relabel the candidates.

For the editorial staff of Le Monde, it was important to provide readers with the most detailed information possible. The Decoders and the political service had published on May 12 a first work of review of the official nominations communicated by some of the parties and coalitions. We relied on this working basis to begin to relabel with as much precision as possible the complete list of 6,293 candidates released by the Ministry of the Interior on the evening of May 23. Not without difficulty: this represents a considerable amount of work, which is then supplemented by information from Le Monde correspondents, fine connoisseurs of local personalities and their trajectories. A database that we update daily and that we make available to all those who wish, in open data on this link.