“After ten years in Parliament, it is now time for me to continue this political commitment in a new form,” Thierry Solère announced on Twitter. Indicted, the deputy of the 9th district of Hauts-de-Seine decided not to stand for re-election in June.

It was Emmanuel Pellerin, lawyer, who filed, Thursday, May 19, at the prefecture of the department his candidacy in substitution, on behalf of the presidential majority. “I have known Emmanuel Pellerin for many years, I know he is up to the job. »

Close adviser to Emmanuel Macron, Thierry Solère clarified that he would “naturally continue to support [the President of the Republic] politically”.

A candidacy weighed down by the examinations

The regional councilor had however, initially, displayed his desire to continue his commitment to the National Assembly. But his business had been disputed since the opening of a judicial investigation in 2019 against him, and in which the elected official, aged 50, is indicted on thirteen counts, including “illicit financing of electoral expenses” , “tax evasion” and “fictitious employment”.

Justice suspects him of having “used his influence to obtain contracts” for real estate companies between 2007 and 2017, and for a consulting company between 2011 and 2012, according to the Nanterre prosecutor’s office, questioned in january. He is also indicted for breaches of reporting obligations to the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP).