Lithuania’s annual EUR2 commemorative circulating coin program continues to honor distinct regions. In 2021, a ringed bimetallic coin was dedicated to Dzukija.

September 9th, the Bank of Lithuania issued the new currency. This coin is legal tender in the Euro area and was issued by the Bank of Lithuania Sept. 9.

Dzukija is well-known for its pine forests rich in mushrooms and its sands and songs.

Rolandas Rimunas designed the national (obverse side) of the coin. It features Dzukija’s coat of arms: A shield shows an armored soldier holding a halberd in one hand and leaning against a silver Baltic shield. The coat of arms is supported by two lynxes. Below the coat of arms is a Latin inscribing “hard-working tribe members” on a ribbon.

The soldier is a protector of the land. The lynxes are a symbol for vigilance, insight, and protection.

A mintage limit for 500,000 coins includes 5,000 Brilliant Uncirculated pieces in specially packaged packaging for collectors.