The London Elephant tokens are among the most beautiful pieces in the “Colonial coins” category. This issue is listed on page 41 in the 2022 “Red Book,” along with the rarer New England, Carolina and other variants that were struck from the exact same obverse.

Around 1672-1694, London tokens were produced. Despite their popularity with early American enthusiasts, the tokens were not struck for colonies. They probably didn’t circulate in America. However, the “Red Book,” speculates that some tokens may have been taken there by colonists.

Uncirculated coins are usually brown and have little original color left. This Thick Planchet version, graded Mint State66 red and brown by Professional Coin Grading Service and adorned with a green Certified Acceptance Corp. sticker, is rare and the best-certified at PCGS. It is part of the Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. collection.

Heritage praises the striking strike. Heritage notes “a few small flecks on obverse field” as well as the fact that the surface still retains “glimpses from the initial rose-red color”. It was sold for $45,600, more than the $27,025 it sold at an August 2014 auction.


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