1794 declared the first year of this half dollar denomination in the Philadelphia Mint and many cases of this 1794 Flowing Hair half buck are the Overton 101 or O-101a forms as recorded in Al C. Overton’s publication Early Half Dollar Varieties 1794-1836.

Heritage offered one of the best examples of this sexier O-104 expire marriage on Jan. 21 at Dallas, in which it traded hands for $7,200. Heritage added that a luster remains from the protected regions.

The cataloger reports that a Mint-made parallel planchet modification marks are observed on the opposite, including,”as minted is that the partly kept lamination, that’s the diameter of the T in LIBERTY and descends diagonally in the rim to Liberty’s forehead.”

Heritage concludes,”The coin continues to be inoffensively cleaned to reduce the visual effect of the flan flaw” The company notes its attractive attributes,”The sea-green and rose-red peripheral toning is gratifying, and post-strike abrasions are incidental.”

The coin had sold double in 2014, for $6,462.50 and $7,637.50.


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