Italy’s 1925-R 100-lira gold coin celebrated the Silver Jubilee of Vittorio Emanuele III’s reign and also the 10th anniversary of Italy’s entry into World War I. It’s gathered as a single-year kind and is one of the most exquisite of 20th century coin designs.

Heritage sold one for $19,200 on Nov. 5, rated Matte Proof 65 from Numismatic Guaranty Corp., celebrating”slick, almost undisturbed surfaces with just the most trivial cases of contact restricting the assigned standard from further heights”

Aurelio Mistruzzi’s obverse depicts a portrait bust of the Italian king who ruled from 1900 to 1946 facing left, with a bamboo branch passing through an iron crown, assigning conventional representations of the coronation of the king of Italy. The energetic reverse from the Rome Mint’s chief engraver Attilio Motti reveals a naked male figure carrying the flag of the Kingdom of Italy in his right hand and a tiny winged Victory in flip side, posed with a single knee balanced on a stone.