One of only seven followed and just the second in private hands, it attracted $144,000 in the April 22 Partrick Platinum Nighttime session. This is a privately struck”peace medal” made to be utilized as a present to fortify ties with North American Native inhabitants.

The design of these medals was clarified by Heritage as”a clear imitation of the conventional federal Indian peace medal layout,” because the U.S. government wasn’t eager to permit a private business entity to issue awards on its own behalf.

The obverse shows the bust of the company’s president Astor, and the opposite has shaking hands-on peace pipes and tomahawks.

Contemporary documents establish the awards were given out from the summer of 1837.

Heritage lists the supplied decoration as probably the instance sold to the Astor Family circa 1893 and sold in Stack’s John J. Ford Jr.. Collection auction, Part XVI at October 2006 in which it realized $201,250.