It’s not a bank note, only a souvenir, which the lender highlights”isn’t a way of payment,” like this zero euro souvenir bank notes.

The”notice” clearly shows the title of the central bank in Cyrillic and English to the facial skin, has a serial number on the trunk. Its newspaper has a watermark showing a world with all the continents.

The face contains Kadenyuk’s portrait because its primary picture, using a Cyrillic inscription stating”The First Cosmonaut of Ukraine” above. The rear shows Kadenyuk’s launch car, the U.S. shuttle Columbia, blasting off from a background of planets in the solar panel. Beneath the Shuttle is the year of this Nov. 19, 1997, launching. “The Very First Astronaut of Ukraine” is currently in English above.

Kadenyuk received his distance training for a flight engineer for many Soviet spacecraft in the Soviet Union’s Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, from where he graduated in 1978. From the time of the very first flight twenty five decades after, the Soviet Union had failed and Ukraine had been a U.S. ally.


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