An updated second edition of A Guide to Gold Eagle Coins, quantity 24 from the Q. David Bowers Collection of numismatic names, can be obtained from Whitman Publishing.

The full-color volume can be bought online (such as at and at bookstores and hobby stores nationally, priced at $29.95.

Writer and numismatic researcher Bowers unites the background of America’s gold 10 coins (minted 1795 into 1933) using coin-by-coin evaluation, pricing in numerous grades, auction records, grading manuals, and collecting suggestions to assist addicts build and revel in their particular group of golden eagles.

Whitman writes:”Readers will discover engaging and informative tales of a few of the Philadelphia Mint’s oldest coinage, the famous Turban Head eagles of 1795 to 1804; the long-running set of Liberty Head eagles, minted for almost 70 years in the 1830s to the early 1900s; along with also the Indian Head eagles of 1907 to 1933.”

Bowers also investigates famous shipwrecks along with hoards of their golden coinsthe holdings of the National Numismatic Collection, illustrations possessed by King Farouk of Egypt, the policy of golden eagles in cost guides heading back into the 1930s, along with other intriguing side travels.

This updated and revised second edition includes pricing for every single gold eagle, annually and Mint mark, by the 1790s to 1933. Bowers comprises updated information on rarity, information on collectible levels, market evaluation, and over 50 decades of auction records.

The next edition also includes new historic pictures of this U.S. Mint’s gold coin creation, in addition to close-up photos of defects, like lintmarks and aluminum stains, that could detract from a coin’s grade and worth.

Whitman notes that Bowers was researching and writing about U.S. gold coins for at least 60 decades. He’s studied numismatic catalogs, periodicals, and publications on gold coins. He has examined hundreds of thousands of golden coins, a lot of these in the process of cataloging the most well-known coin collections to cross the auction block.