An entirely new collection of fiscal notes for Qatar, the nation’s fifth, entered circulation on Qatar National Day, Dec. 18.

As well as the show was that the 200-riyal note, worth about $55 in U.S. funds.

Old bank notes will remain in circulation for 3 weeks, during which interval they may be exchanged at banks. Then they may be turned into new invoices just at the Qatar Central Bank for ten decades.

The face sides of these notes have a frequent design based on conventional geometric patterns, the federal flag, an elaborate gate representing conventional structure, along with also the dreama, a native blossom that, on the notice, changes colour and contains a glowing moving ring.

Each back differs, with topics devoted to heritage, Islamic history, culture, fauna and flora, as well as the progression of education, game, and the market.

The 500-riyal note indicates the Ras Laffan liquefied natural gas refinery and an LNG transportation boat. The bank maintains it is the very first in the Middle East to possess holographic security threads

Lusail Stadium, Torch Tower (a 985-foot-tall skyscraper resort ), and Sidra Medicine at Education City are about the 10-riyal note. The 5-riyal note indicates a conventional desert scene of Arabian horses, a camel, oryxes, flora along with a tent called a buryuut hajar. The 1-riyal note indicates a traditional dhow along with the Oyster and Pearl Monument, a fountain sculpture in Doha.

The central bank also announced that together with all the newest notes it’s instituted a new system to monitor the notes, according to a particular database connected to trading and also with banks. It’s assumed to have the ability to trace bank notes according to their sequential numbers.