The two chief things driving mass adoption are converging, states CEO Kris Marszalek.

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After adoption?

It took over a decade to get crypto to reach 100 million consumers, or ~1 percent of the international population, according to a study by However, Marszalek anticipates another 100 million consumers to get there at a much quicker time period.

He explained:

“Moving from 100 to 200 million will be much quicker than going out of, you know, 50 to 100 [million].”
He clarified that the growth of crypto’s network impact will result from a blend of converging tendencies.

All aboard the institutional currency train

The coming of notable institutions to the crypto area has indicated to many that mainstream adoption is penalized.

Marszalek commented:

“There is just a lot of financial institutions which are now placing a particular part of the assets to Bitcoin. So that compels quite a great deal of action”
NFTs have shown themselves as the most popular subject of 2021 up to now. The NBA, Jack Dorsey, and a number of the very prestigious auction houses in the world are cashing in on the trend. Marszalek is excited about the possibility of”top actors who’ve 100, 200 million followers, 250 million followers” receiving their fan bases involved with crypto.

“Nowadays, culture is directed by influencers that are only working on line. This is the best time for NFTs to really go mainstream”
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