The fourth famous illustration of a 1795 Flowing Hair dollar perish marriage was authenticated and rated by Numismatic Guaranty Corp..

NGC officials imply the recently discovered coin was filed to NGC from Collector’s Palace of Streetsboro, Ohio, on behalf of its own collector proprietor. Both parties were advised of its rarity, however, no strategies for its coin have been declared, in accordance with NGC.

B-16 is a attribution from writer Milferd Bolender’s 1950 mention, United States Early Silver Dollars from 1794 to 1803, upgraded in 1999 from numismatist Jules Reiver’s novel by precisely the exact same name.

Flowing Hair bucks dated 1794 and 1795 were hit in the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia. The 1795 output afforded 19 expire marriages out of 10 obverse dies and 11 reverse expires.

The obverse die used to perform the BB-16, B-20 expire marriage attributes that the so called Head of 1794, with Liberty’s cheek in marginally higher relief compared to Head of 1795 and using a more curved shape to the stage of her breasts. The exact same die was then paired with two additional reverses, marriages BB-17 and BB-18. The reverse die because of this particular union was formerly paired with a different obverse in union BB-15.

“It is intriguing to note the those four perish unions related in some manner for this particular pairing, all but BB-18 are infrequent, according to NGC.

NGC’s manager of numismatic study, David W. Lange, states,”easily the most gratifying part of my occupation together with NGC is attributing types. Regrettably, most clients fail to ask our VarietyPlus support when filing early United States coins, therefore some prospective rarities can go out the door with only a grade. Fortunately, this wasn’t true here.”

Of the 3 other examples called this BB-16, B-20 union, the exact Nice 35 and gloomy 12 examples are rated by Professional Coin Grading Service.

The F-12 was NGC Very Good 10, however, it was crossed to a PCGS holder.The staying example was rated by Numismatic Conservation Services (an NGC affiliate which previously graded coins) as Very Nice Details — Holed, Damaged. It’s part of a Heritage Auctions sale which has been scheduled to end Jan. 22.


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