The 5 coin is generated in pink and pale green titanium, which catches the heart of the famed bird. An Uncirculated copper-nickel dollar variant (without colour ) is company to the 2021 titanium coin.

The plan shows two mature flamingos standing at a pool of water, against a backdrop of waterfall and palm trees.

The birds featured are American flamingos (also called Caribbean flamingo), a large species located in the oceans.

Flamingos live in rather societal flocks and do, in actuality, fly. A misimpression that they can not fly appears since they are not frequently seen in flight. Ordinarily, when flamingos migrate, they fly through the night and favor a cloudless skies and favorable tailwinds, the Pobjoy Mint explained.

“Flamingos stay part of popular culture not just due to their graciousness but also because they have a tendency to live a seemly silent life in their natural habitat, but which appears to be the tropics,”based on Pobjoy.

On account of the problem of ceramic coins because titanium responds differently with every attack, every flamingo coin is unique. A lined result also pose on the coins is exceptional for this alloy.

Specifications, pricing
The copper-nickel dollar coin weighs 28.28 g and measures 38.6 millimeters in diameter. It’s a mintage limit of 10,000 bits, each retailing for $15.95.

Its mintage limitation is 7,500 bits, each retailing for $59.

To purchase the coins, or find out more, check out the Pobjoy Mint site,


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