A limited-mintage commemorative coin program celebrating the Morgan and Peace dollars experienced strong collector demand on becoming accessible for pre-order, causing a few collectors to miss out.

The story might seem familiar, however, the difference is that this time the coins were issued by the Pobjoy Mint, in the name of the British Virgin Islands.

On May 20, the British-based personal mint provided 5,000 Reverse Frosted 1-ounce .999 fine silver bullion dollar coins, which quickly sold out.

Pobjoy followed May 25 with an Uncirculated 1-ounce copper-nickel dollar and a Proof half-gram .999 fine gold $4 coin, the latter of which also promptly sold out its mintage limit of 299 pieces.

The copper-nickel variant is introduced in a vibrant pack, includes a mintage limit of 1,921 bits, retails for $24.95 U.S., as well as June 3 stayed available.

The reverse every coin reveals two profile pictures, the portrait representing Liberty along with the portrait of the goddess of Liberty symbolizing Peace.

The Pobjoy Mint highlights the link between the USA and Britain, noting designer George T. Morgan was born in Birmingham, England, where he was employed as a die engraver.

Back in 1876, the U.S. Mint started efforts to redesign U.S. silver coinage, contacting the deputy master of the Royal Mint in London, looking for a die-sinker who would be willing to take the job of assistant engraver. Morgan was recommended, moved into the United States, also began working for the U.S. Mint, producing designs for pattern half dollars that were repurposed to the silver buck when that denomination was resurrected.

The 2021 coins take the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The silver and copper-nickel coins weigh 31.103 g and quantify 38.60 millimeters in diameter.

The golden coin weighs 11 grams and retailed for $149.95.

The silver bullion coin retailed for $39.95 and delivery was anticipated to begin soon after press time; secondary market prices will then be established.