Boris Povod, founder of Pontem, stated that the partnership was intended to improve Polkadot’s existing infrastructure. Pinknode provides “reliable and secured API endpoints”.

Pinknode, a node infrastructure provider, has partnered with the decentralized application that aims to connect Facebook’s Diem Blockchain with public networks.

The Pontem Network announced Friday that it will be working with Pinknode in order to provide node infrastructure for the Polkadot ecosystem. This network allows developers to test their ideas on a Polkadot parachain before they submit them to the Diem Blockchain.

Boris Povod of Pontem, founder, said that the partnership will improve Polkadot’s infrastructure because Pinknode offers “reliable API endpoints” and that Pinknode’s code could allow Polkadot to connect its dApps via Kusama. Meanwhile, Pontem’s and Pinknodes’ teams could provide “critical infrastructure to Web 3.0 purposes.”

Pontem has raised $4.5 Million in Seed Investments last month to fund the project that will allow interoperable features from its ecosystem to be made available through the Diem Blockchain. A former BlockFi employee Alejo Pinto was recently appointed chief growth officer.

According to many reports, the Facebook-backed project is planning to launch its Diem stablecoin pilot programme sometime in 2021. Facebook introduced the project in 2019 as Libra. However, it quickly faced backlash from international regulators . The project was renamed to Diem in the following year.


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