Paris-Saint-Germain (PSG) women’s coach Didier Ollé-Nicolle has been “temporarily laid off” while investigating “inappropriate facts and remarks” against him, the club announced. Tuesday, May 24.

This dismissal, “conservatory and temporary” and taken “by mutual agreement”, “in no way prejudges the results of the internal investigation which will be carried out, nor of the decisions that the club may have to take” , adds PSG, without giving more details on the nature of the charges against the technician, who arrived at the club this season and under contract until June 2023. “These facts and remarks, if confirmed, would be incompatible with the values sporting and human aspects of Paris-Saint-Germain,” the club continued in a press release.

The Versailles judicial police also took up the case. The player, who did not file a complaint, was heard, we learned from a source close to the investigation confirming information from RMC Sport.

Disturbed season

Throughout the day on Tuesday, interviews were conducted by the PSG human resources services with members of the management and the players, heard on this file, we learned from a source with knowledge of the file. . The coach was also received by this club delegation, we learned from the same source.

The facts date back to PSG’s pre-season period in the United States, during which the club “heard” of an “inappropriate gesture” from the coach towards a player in the squad, the source continued. At the time, the subject had been closed by mutual agreement after all parties had been heard, but the club decided to come to grips with it on Tuesday after the dissemination of several new information on social networks in recent days. Asked by Agence France-Presse, the 60-year-old coach did not follow up on Tuesday in the middle of the evening.

The women’s PSG saw its season disrupted by extra-sporting facts, first of all the still unsolved aggression in November of its midfielder, Kheira Hamraoui, scrambled with several teammates and who is currently training away from the professional group.