Qartium is the first blockchain protocol designed specifically for the e-commerce industry. It provides a more secure, efficient, and transparent transaction system. It employs a proprietary algorithm that enables transaction verification without using a third party. Qartium also allows users to create smart contracts, which increases security and trust.

Because it provides trust and security, Qartium Token is the ideal ecommerce solution. Furthermore, it aids in the prevention of fraud, which is a major issue for online businesses. As a result, E-commerce businesses can reduce costs and increase profits by partnering with us.

So, this raises some questions about its ICO, partnerships, launch on binance, and some knowledge about airdrops. So, why not hear out more to know all about this incredible system? So, in today’s video, we are here to make you understand everything about Qartium.

It is on ICO, the limited-time event where investors can buy tokens earlier than the general public. You can participate in the ICO presale representing qartium by registering through the site and creating an account/web wallet,

If you wonder why to participate in a presale, there are several reasons why someone would want to participate. For starters, presales frequently include bonuses, which means that investors can earn a higher return on their investment. Furthermore, presales allow investors to purchase tokens before they are available on the open market. This may result in a higher price once the tokens are made available to the public.

Why choose Qartium?

It has decentralized nodes of validators for transactions and the network’s security. Has anonymous and encrypted transactions, which is a new revolutionary way. It is fast and eco-friendly and settles instantly without the costs associated with mining. Finally, it has low-cost fees, and the nodes of validators and platforms ensure it remains less than 0.001 USD forever.

Qartium Solutions

All major banks and cryptocurrency exchanges will be integrated into the Qartium wallet. As a result, their clients will receive the best currency exchange rates. In addition, fees for various Internet payments will be almost nonexistent.

It includes Payment Solutions by Qartium, Marketplace for E-commerce, Touch & Pay Open Source API Gateway Qartium Card, and Tokenize, transfer, and trade any digital or physical thing as NFT on the Qartium NFT Open MarketPlace.


In May 2021, Q2 was there to establish the legal entity, certik audit, online conference about its token aiming at high-profile investors, and planning marketing initiatives.

In July 2021, Q3 arrived for high-profile investors and strategic partners, Expanding the developer’s team, Expanding the board of advisors, Launching native blockchain, and Testing the QCEP protocol.

In November 2021, Q4 was done, creating and testing API-s for the top biggest payment gateways, Collaborating with Best Credit Card Processing Companies, Quality Control QARTIUM native blockchain, and Qartium Pay development.

In February 2022, Q1 was completed with Starting negotiation for listing on Binance, Expanding Qartium Team, Launch of Qartium Open Api platform and testing with various E-commerce companies, and Banking System Integration.

In June 2022, Q2 was Preparing for the release of Qartium Token Wallet, The initial preparation for listing on Coinbase, The initial preparation for listing on Kucoin, Expanding the list of private strategy partners, and Final testing for Qartium Pay.

In September 2022, Q3 is finalized to start marketing campaigns for Binance, Collaboration with Visa and Mastercard, and Preparing for launching public presale.

In December 2022, Q4 launched the public presale, Binance Exchange public listing, and Qartium Wallet launch.

In January 2023, Q1 plans for Coinbase Exchange public listing, Launching the beta version of Kucoin Exchange public listing, and Metaverse Qartium Platform.

Token distribution

Qartium collaborates with individuals and businesses who share passion and vision, are open to new opportunities, and want to be a part of their community. Around 70% was distributed to the community, 10% set aside for Binance, 9% for marketing and development, 7% for the founders and team, and 4% for partners.

Partners and team

The team of Qartium comprises founder and CEO – Forrest Li Xiaodong, Team lead – Timothy C.McMullen, Marketing team executive – Kim Wu, and founder – Chris Feng. The token has partnerships with Nike, Binance, Trust Wallet, and amazon web services as its main partners.


An airdrop is a method of distributing cryptocurrency that allows users to receive free tokens from a Qartium ICO. It operates by distributing new tokens to cryptocurrency wallets. These new tokens are distributed automatically to the user’s Qartium web wallet.

Tokens are distributed for free in a standard airdrop, and no specific actions are required. All that is required is creating an account on the web wallet/investor panel—there may only be limited amounts available during these events, so getting there early pays off! In addition, all new investors will receive the first-week standard airdrop.

Participating in the Holder Airdrop is a great way to get on some extra Qartium Tokens. Anyone with at least 100,000 Cartium Tokens will be entered into a drawing to receive a significant airdrop of additional tokens every Sunday until the end of the year.

The more Cartium Tokens you have, the better your chances of winning—so if you want to give yourself an advantage, now is the time to start collecting those tokens. With the holidays quickly approaching, what better way to give yourself a little something extra than by winning a large pile of Gartium Tokens? So don’t put it off any longer—join today, and you could be rewarded with a nice bonus around the holidays.

What is Qartium Influencer Airdrop?

You are uniquely positioned as an influencer to help promote new products and ventures. So what better way to begin than with a freebie? Qartium is delighted to provide free tokens to influencers willing to help spread the word about the project. All you have to do is complete a simple task, such as sharing a social media post. Then, email us once the task is completed, and they will verify it. You will receive your tokens once you have been verified.

Future with Qartium

Qartium intends to further develop the eCommerce ecosystem, in the long run, to improve efficiency and drive down costs for both consumers and retailers. In addition, the developers want to demonstrate a total integration of all the tools with the launch of the QARTIUM Marketplace Platform in Q2 2023, creating the world’s first blockchain-enabled marketplace with real-world brands and products.
In addition, the teams have been investigating Al and Machine Learning tools for future use in E-commerce selection, ordering, and delivery. They intend to constantly innovate and expand the QARTIUM platform’s features.