Slovenia’s May 12 coin difficulty, a noncirculating $3 collector coin, marks the 300th anniversary of this Škofja Loka Passion Play, the country’s oldest drama.

Slovenia’s passion drama, showcasing stories primarily in the life and death of Jesus, dates back to 1721. The classic drama’s manuscript is maintained from the Škofja Loka monastery.

Although the ringed-bimetallic $3 coin doesn’t circulate, 40,000 cases were issued at face value throughout the country’s central bank.

A fundamental design component appears on either side, a set of crossed lines, using their intersection representing the middle of this occasion — the roads of Škofja Loka.

Round the crossed lines on the obverse, a pair of three broken outlines form a summary of the auditorium and suggest the drama’s crown of thorns. All the 13 vertices of this”crown” represents Some of this Škofja Loka Passion. The reverse includes the 1721 date of this celebrated play along with the title of this drama’s writer-director.

The art for the coins has been created by Matej Štanta.

The 3 coin includes a copper-nickel-zinc outer ring enclosing a copper-nickel centre.

Other collector variations, 1,000 silver 30 coins and 500 gold 100 coins, were issued. Collectors trying to acquire the coins should hunt the secondary industry.