Thailand is among the several nations which use colour among the techniques to distinguish paper cash denominations, particularly significant once the design in your face is constant on all difficulties. The simple fact that one Thai 100-baht notice is reddish and another is yellowish, and the 1,000-baht notice has a brownish tint is an issue in line with this Bangkok Post.

The paper claims that social press is awash with complaints regarding the similarity of this 1,000-baht notice to the current 100-baht issued on Dec. 12 for its 1 year anniversary of King Rama X’s coronation ceremony. The commemorative 100-baht is a golden yellow and can be disbursed from several ATM machines alongside the normal matter. Individuals are worried it is too easy to confuse this yellowish 100 baht using the brownish 1,000 baht, a possible error costing $30.

Thailand also differentiates its money by dimension.

The backs of these notes are similar in design but little else. Each has images of another set of Thai kings.