The Spanish National Police arrested a teen who lives near Barcelona, accusing him of counterfeiting euro bank notes of premium quality and promoting them to clients throughout Spain, as well as in Portugal and the uk.

The teen allegedly forged $10, $20, and $50 bank notes.

Euro Weekly News stated on Dec. 22 that the child was exceptionally proficient, so much so that he is alleged to have provided classes to those so inclined to how to make fake money in addition to how to provide the supplies needed.

The Bank of Spain’s National Analysis Center confirmed to Euro Weekly News that the job was quite realistic, and so tough to discover that they were a threat to businesses.

Researchers believe that the youth may be part of a larger counterfeiting operation, and there may be more arrests as investigations continue.

Based on news accounts, the police investigation began in October, as it was found that somebody using a private profile on a social media was asserting to sell forged notes.