PlanB states no.

Bitcoin’s cost has seemingly stalled under $60,000 after achieving new all-time highs earlier in March.

“IMO we’re just ~4 months to the bull market and also nowhere close to the finish of it” PlanB tweeted on Friday. “Bitcoin is only getting started,” he added, revealing Bitcoin’s latest route on among his Stock-to-Flow graphs . Multiple Stock-to-Flow versions exist for Bitcoin which reveal Bitcoin’s price route in accord with its own halving events and provide with time.

YouTuber and derivatives dealer Tone Vays also conveys a bullish macro opinion, although he believes a dip for Bitcoin isn’t from the question.

“While it’s still feasible for bitcoin to generate a lower low for the month at the 48k range, I think we’ll go around over $70k before June,” he added.

After trading beyond $61,000 this past month, Bitcoin retraced down close $50,000. For the most part, the fall occurred over about two weeks, with a few relief pops mixed in, instead of at a direct, single-day $10,000 shot down. According on TradingView information, BTC retains a cost of $54,550 in the time of book, return to a day of complete upward price activity.

Meanwhile, additional crypto resources continue to make headlines in the purchase price class too.


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