One of them has created smart contracts and is now the fabric for decentralized finance. The other is… a meme.

Ethereum has been around for five years, the launch of which introduced the world smart contracts, decentralized finance and yield farming. It is now the second-largest cryptocurrency project in terms of market capitalization, after Bitcoin.

Dogecoin ( DOGE is a meme cryptocurrency that has not provided any innovation and has no real reason d’etre. It became the favorite toy of a multi-billionaire in the past twelve months.

As one would expect, Dogecoin is more well-known than Ethereum. This is according to Harris Poll’s survey, conducted in collaboration with CouponCabin. It surveyed over 2,000 Americans about their opinions on cryptocurrency.

The survey results showed that 29% of respondents were familiarized with Dogecoin, while only 21% were familiar with Ethereum.

89% of the 2,063 people surveyed said they knew something about cryptocurrency. The majority of respondents knew about Bitcoin (71%) and Dogecoin (21%).

The stablecoins Coinbase and Circle were also claimed to be familiar. 21% of respondents claimed they knew something about USD Coin ( USDC). 18% of respondents claimed to be familiar with Litecoin, while 10% claimed to know Stellar (XLM).

31% of respondents responded positively to the question about cryptocurrency being the future of money. 30% of those surveyed said that they considered crypto to be “innovative” and 23% said they consider it a scheme to get rich quick. 19% called the technology shady, or nefarious. Nearly half (44%) of respondents stated that they would be open to receiving cryptocurrency in an online cashback reward program.