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Worldwide, close to 10,000 fresh Bitcoin ATMs are set up since March 1, 2020.

Since March 1, 2020, the amount of fresh Bitcoin ATMs installed globally is nearing 10,000. According to the newest data out of Coin ATM Radar, the present amount of machines stands in 16,835, a solid 57.5% growth, or 9,683 new machines, when compared with 7,152 final year.

Back in Nov. 2020, Cointelegraph had reported that a striking year-on-year growth of 80 percent . As previously, the great majority of machines are still to be found in the USA, where 81 percent (13,699 from 16,835 machines internationally ) are all installed.

Canada, the nation with the next-highest amount of Bitcoin ATMs, clocks in at only 1,268, accounting for approximately 7.5percent of machines globally.

A couple of the highest countries monitored by Coin ATM Radar, Austria and the uk, have observed that a somewhat twisted fashion in conditions of Bitcoin ATM installations within the last few yearsin the former, the amount of machines surfaced in May 2019, at 266, and has since dropped to 153 as of the week — a reduction of 42.5 percent.

At the U.K., the decrease was less crude, using a high stage of 283 at Feb. 2020 compared to 199 in the most recent figures: only below a 30% reduction. Statistics for Europe as a whole reveal a more or less stable, however modest, increase by a total of 1,233 machines back in March 2020 to 1,273 at the moment.

Coin ATM Radar’s ticker monitoring crypto ATM installation rate signaled that 34.6 brand new ATMs are being set up every day. A huge bulk of those machines stay buy-only, at 77.6%, with 22.4% supplying support for both purchase and sell surgeries.