The general meeting of shareholders of TotalEnergies, which began on Wednesday May 25 in Paris, was disrupted by demonstrations by climate activists. As a result, the meeting took place in front of an almost empty room, with a limited number of shareholders.

“I declare the meeting open. The Pleyel room access conditions are disrupted, there is a limited number of shareholders who have been able to enter the room”, declared the CEO, Patrick Pouyanné, considering however that the meeting “can take place normally, because a number of shareholders are present”.

The danger of TotalEnergies’ climate strategy denounced by NGOs

“This morning, several NGOs are preventing the holding of our general assembly by blocking access to the room. Unfortunately, it will not be possible for our shareholders to join us, as access is now completely blocked. We regret the inconvenience this causes for all those who wanted to participate and remind you that you can follow the progress of our GA live on our website. The general meeting is an essential moment of transparency and dialogue for us,” the company tweeted.

For its part, the climate movement published a press release explaining that “250 activists and activists of the climate movement are blocking the General Assembly of TotalEnergies in Paris, with their bodies and their determination”.

The protesters are “demanding concrete and immediate commitments from Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO on the withdrawal of TotalEnergies from Russia and the end of any new fossil fuel projects, such as EACOP in Uganda and Mozambique LNG. They denounce the danger represented by TotalEnergies’ strategy for climate, peace and human rights, as well as the support provided to it, however, by Emmanuel Macron and his government, “said the movement made up of the organizations Greenpeace France, Les Amis de la Terre France, Alternatiba Paris and Nonviolent Action COP21.