“Without reserve, with gusto!” “The enthusiasm of Dominique Delorme, to evoke the edition of the Nuits de Fourvière festival, which takes place from June 2 to July 30, in Lyon, indicates the coefficient of passion with which she is charged. Thoroughly, therefore, for this “real” return to normal, after two years of pandemic and diet. “We were forbidden to do it in 2020, we had to reduce the airfoil in 2021, and, fortunately, we are leaving like in 2019, having learned perhaps two or three things, comments Dominique Delorme. Like, for example, doing more artisanal work when we can, reacting and adapting faster and later. »

Among the big changes brought about by the health crisis, ticket sales now only go through the Nights, and no longer through resellers, “for a better dialogue with the public”, slips Dominique Delorme. Communication through networks is now preferred. The famous program, in a paper booklet style, is nevertheless still offered to the 60,000 loyal spectators. “It hangs out on the living room table and makes it possible to remember the Nights,” he continues. The festival lasts two months and needs to be constantly revived. »

With 59 shows, 173 theatre, dance and circus performances, including around thirty songs, pop or rock concerts, the crossing of the 2022 Nights is proving rich and ambitious. “But the 150,000 tickets are already 80% sold, announces Delorme. I am reassured on the accounts. » Out of a total budget of 12.5 million euros, of which 3.2 million comes from the Métropole de Lyon, 2.5 million from patronage and partnerships, own revenue must reach approximately 6.8 million euros to ensure budget balance. Suffice to say that the balance of accounts should stabilize quickly.

The musical poster weighs heavily in stars. Vocalist Diana Krall and bassist Marcus Miller on the jazz side; Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, as well as Phoenix, for rock; -M-, Juliette Armanet, Patti Smith and the Dutroncs, pouring song. For the evenings chiseled in the singularity, it is necessary to count on that which is composed around the voice of the fado Ana Moura and the Uruguayan singer Jorge Drexler, on the menu of adaptations of songs of Brassens by Jean-Claude Vannier, as well as on that of the American jazz group Snarky Puppy.

Euphoric evenings

The theatrical scene is no exception. Le Tartuffe, by Ivo van Hove, by the Comédie-Française, opens the event on June 2. An event, because the last appearance of the troop of French comedians at Fourvière dates back to… 1954. Along with Waiting for Godot, in Alain Françon’s vision, and Life is a party, the Dogs of Navarre, the presence by Ariane Mnouchkine, programmed for the first time at Les Nuits, is eagerly awaited. She landed there with L’Ile d’or, a fantastic journey in her own footsteps during her trip to Japan in 1963. “You have to make common cause to afford Mnouchkine, insists Delorme. We have joined forces with Jean Bellorini, director of the Théâtre national populaire, in Villeurbanne, who will host this huge production for fifteen performances. »

As for the new wave, it shines with the operation “The theater makes generation”. That is four shows from the last three promotions of the National School of Theater Arts and Techniques in Lyon, as well as three plays by the three winners of the Impatience festival. “That will make a total of 28 actors and creators of the new theatrical generation for three weeks,” he exclaims. And all four shows are free!

On the good news front, the circus village, with two big tops and a theater truck, is growing like a mushroom in the atmospheric domain of Lacroix-Laval (Rhône). The thrill of virtuosity and the wild suspends time in Campana, by Cirque Trottola, while the staggering talent of the illusionist of the clown and director Yann Frisch juggles identities in his solo, Nobody.

In tune with these euphoric evenings, the choreographic art performs a starry game with two international stars. Benjamin Millepied will finally create his version of Romeo

A spicy and original alternative in a “festival within the festival” way, the Vogue la nuit program, under the leadership of Rose-Amélie Da Cunha and Claudia Courtial, modulates the idea of ​​​​the party for a week. “I offered them a kind of carte blanche to have another look at the programming, by inviting young artists, indicates Dominique Delorme. They are free to welcome whoever they want. As part of Les Subsistances, from July 13 to 17, 90 artists, comedians, circus artists, dancers and musicians will meet, between popu ball, circus cabaret, disco clubbing, hip-hop battle and hop hop hop!