Who wears a ring on his finger speaks, expresses himself, solicits his hands more than another. This is certainly an expeditious observation, but a crying one! At the very least, the magnetic presence of the ring, all the more so if it is a signet ring, places it in the foreground and supports the language with authority.

To put it quickly and differently, we never talk so much with our hands as when they are adorned with a ring by which, historically, we establish our power. This is why you will regularly see those who have it put their hands in their face. This is valid for the Castafiore, who spends his life showing off his precious stones at all Moulinsart, as for Harry Styles, darling of fashion and music and 28-year-old beauty, who no longer counts the photo sessions during which he does showing ingenuity to show his hands.

A form of triumphant masculinity

Emblazoned signet ring transmitted from generation to generation since the Carolingians or new bagouse, same topo, same pride, same fight. The signet ring speaks of assuming one’s position, of claiming it, while magnifying and coloring the gesture.

For those who wear them, and who do not always understand that they are constantly milling, there are rings that allow and rings that hold back. The first category, brought up to date a few years ago, serves as a seal, a cachet, gives access to a form of triumphant masculinity, with incandescent charm, and crosses popular imagery – forged by men themselves.

Its center of gravity would be to be located in a space including Elvis and Johnny Cash, Brad Pitt in Snatch, Johnny Depp on any occasion since 1990, and even within the court of Fairfax (United States), Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire and the character of Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders.

A popular elite of anti-heroes, mouthpiece of the street and echo chamber of aspirations to embrace(s) the world to get out of it. A taking of freedom and declaration of independence which will necessarily be seen from above and taken with great reluctance by the holders of the signet ring belonging to the second category of the “well-born”. Height of caper, straddling their alleged good manners, the latter judge the rest of the world a little too… cavalier.