Backed with a cadre of heavy-hitting investors, Mina announced its mainnet launch Tuesday.

The mainnet for a blockchain that discards its blocks is currently live.

Mina, a proof-of-stake protocol made by O(1) Labs, announced the launch of its mainnet Tuesday, according to a release shared by CoinDesk. Self-titled as a”lightweight,” Mina has a fixed blockchain size of 22 kilobytes, which it preserves by shedding cubes as they elapse. Normally blockchains retain every block . Its unorthodox layout employs a technology called”zk-SNARKS,” most widely known for its usage by Zcash, to preserve its transaction record without saving each block.

Through its SNARK-powered software — or”Snapps” — Mina aims to”bring new possibilities for internet privacy and data security,” said O(1) Labs CEO Evan Shaprio in a statement.

Mina boasts a long list of noteworthy backers, such as Three Arrows Capital, for whom the”lightweight” protocol is one of just four base-layer blockchain investments listed on its website, a group that also contains Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polkadot.

Concurrent with its mainnet launching, Mina declared its partnership with CoinList because of its upcoming market.


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