Three people died on Monday (June 27) when a dump truck collided with a train, which then derailed, near a intersection of a road and a railroad in Missouri, announced the authorities of this state in the center of the United States. “There are multiple injuries and we can confirm there were three fatalities, two on the train and one on the dump truck,” Missouri State Highway Patrol spokesman Justin Dunn said during the interview. ‘a press conference. Seven of the train’s eight cars derailed.

More than 200 passengers, as well as company employees, were on board, and the crossing did not have lights marking the way or an electronic control device, according to local authorities. The investigation into the circumstances of this accident is “in its preliminary stage”, said Justin Dunn, promising more information to come.

“Like slow motion”

Impressive photographs posted on social media by travelers showed many wagons lying on the side of the track, passengers escaping from the side windows, in the middle of an agricultural area.

A passenger on the train, Robert Nightingale, told CNN that it happened “like in slow motion”. The train first “rocked”, then “wobbled”, “and then all of a sudden, all this dust was coming through my window”, he explained.

Stuck in his car, he said he had to climb in order to get out on the side of the train. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), a federal agency, has announced that it has opened an investigation. On Sunday, another train operated by Amtrak hit a car on a level crossing without automatic barriers in California, killing three of the passengers in the vehicle, according to NBC.